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Breslauer Cocktail


The disc will appear within an extraordinary series TIKKUN.
The publisher Multikulti Project is related to Tzadik - the foundation of John Zorn.
The record will appear in music and internet stores as well as in streaming services.

Multikulti Projekt is the publisher, among others, of Wacława Zimpel, this year's laureate of Paszporty Polityki.

The producers are: d' & Janusz Yano Wawrzała & European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016.
Media patronage - Radio RAM and Czas Kultury.

We are extremely happy!

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Who they are

A band from Wrocław, a city that never sleeps

The Music

Their music is like a virus, you contract it after the first few seconds.
It bends you from side to side. It's like a knife fresh out of water.
No one has done this yet.
It is indeed a bridge between what was and what is.

What they like

Old, damaged records, loud jet engines and the number π.
They never step twice into the same river and never regret anything.


Their debut album, that will make your head spin. Coming out soon!

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Agata Szakiel

Phone: +48 697 917 339